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The Nadeau Family Photo Album Part 2

 Patsy and Mary White, 1966
        Christmas card from the Nadeau family of St. Clair Shores, 1966
                     Larry White, 1 month old - August, 1968
                Donna Heddle and Denise Liedel, December, 1968
             Mel, Yvonne and Denise Liedel, December, 1968
                   Mary White, Donna Heddle, Larry White - 1968
            Denise Liedel and Donna Heddle with Jody the kitten, December, 1969
 Front row - Keith, Kevin and Karen Nadeau. Back row - Eddie Nadeau, Jim, Barbara, Fred and Donna Heddle - at the JFK Memorial on Cape Cod, Massachusetts - 1969
 Barbara Heddle, Mel, Yvonne and Louie Liedel at Mel and Yvonne's 25th Anniversary Party, 8-28-70
                 Denise Liedel, Jim and Donna Heddle - December, 1971
The classic sibling photo - date unknown. Front row - Bob, Don and Eddie Nadeau. Back row - Yvonne Liedel, Gerri Hogan, Barbara Heddle, Clara Braun and Kay Sariee.
                                Mary White -left in 1974, right in 1984
 Denise Liedel, Keith Nadeau, Donna Heddle, Kevin and Karen Nadeau. In Uncle Fred's backyard, 1973
Barbara Heddle, Eddie Nadeau, Yvonne Liedel, Fred Heddle, Gloria Nadeau - 1973
 The bathing beauties - Back row- Kay Sariee, Clara Braun, Barbara Heddle, Gerri Hogan. Front row- Yvonne and Denise Liedel - 1975
           Left- Marc and Megan Liedel, December, 1979. Right- Cliff and Gerri Hogan
Kay Sariee, Clara Braun, Barbara Heddle, Eddie Nadeau, Yvonne Liedel, Gerri Hogan
    Little Mel and Denise Liedel at Denise and Shah's wedding, June 25, 1983
Seated - Cliff and Gerry Hogan, Jim Heddle. Standing - Mary White, Donna Heddle and Patsy White. At Denise and Shah's wedding reception.
                                    Barbara Braun
            Playing Jarts in Uncle Fred's backyard - July 4, 1980
     Barbara Braun, Yvonne Liedel, Mary White, Barbara Heddle - July 4, 1980
                 Bob and Marlyss Nadeau, Bob Braun - July 4, 1980
    Left - Michelle Sariee- l year old, January, 1983. Right - Marc, Megan and Matthew Liedel, 1980
     Mel and Yvonne Liedel at Gerri and Cliff's wedding reception - March, 1981
     Bob and Marlyss Nadeau at Gerri and Cliff's wedding reception - March, 1981
The bathing beauties, part 2 - Mary Jo and Kay Sariee, Clara Braun, Yvonne Liedel, Gerri Hogan- June 1981
       Fred Heddle and Yvonne Liedel at Traverse City - June, 1982
                                    Gerri Hogan, 1984
 Gerri Hogan, Clara Braun, Kay Sariee, Yvonne Liedel and Bob Braun in Heddle's backyard, 1985.
           Kay Sariee, Yvonne Liedel and Bob Braun - 1985.
                      Barbara and Fred Heddle, 1985
     Don Nadeau, Barbara and Fred Heddle up North - date unknown
           Bernie and Don Nadeau and Barbara Heddle - date unknown
                  Gloria and Eddie Nadeau, 1987
                       Marc, Matthew and Megan Liedel, 1988
                                  Don Nadeau, 1990
               Eddie Nadeau, Kay Sariee, Bob Nadeau - 1998

Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Nadeau Family Photo Album

Front row, L to R: Mary Eichner, Grandma Regan, Aunt Kate, Granny. Second row, L to R: Aunt Nell McCulloch, Irene Gratop, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Emma Hearsnep. Taken at Parker Villa farm.

Raymond Nadeau, August, 1909 - age 11 months.

Mary Thompson & Grandma Clara Nadeau with Jip the dog. Picture taken at 4411 Iroquois, Detroit.

Art, Mary Jo & Kay Sariee, 1943.

Are Sariee at home, Easter Sunday, 1959.

Barbara Heddle at King-Seeley Company in Ann Arbor, early 1950s.

Barbara Nadeau (Heddle), high school graduation.

Michael Sariee.

Michael Sariee.

Michael Sariee, age 18, 1965.

Mary Jo & Michael Sariee in front of their house on Rosemont Street in Detroit.

Bobby Liedel. Left-graduation, 1968. Right-1956, 6 years old.

Little Mel, Yvonne & Bobby Liedel.

Bobby & Mel Liedel with Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel in background.

Barbara Heddle, Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel with Bobby & Little Mel Liedel.

Patsy Nadeau.

Patsy Nadeau, 1961.

Little Mel Liedel, 1956 - 9 years old.

Mary Ellen Braun, 1960.

Barbara Braun - 1960, 1962, 1964.

Barbara Heddle with Barbara Braun.

Yvonne , little Mel & Bobby Liedel, Mary Jo & Michael Sariee.

Patsy Nadeau, unknown, Michael & Mary Jo Sariee.

Gerry & Patsy Nadeau, Kay, Michael & Mary Jo Sariee, Yvonne & Bobby Liedel.

Eddie & Gloria Nadeau with Jimmy Heddle at Heddle's house, 1957.

Kay Sariee, Grandma Clara Nadeau & Barbara Heddle at Sariee's house.

Donna & Barbara Heddle, little Mel, Yvonne & Denise Liedel at Liedel's house, 1959.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Gerry Nadeau, Clara Braun (with baby), Kay Sariee.

Barbara Heddle, Mel & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's apartment on East Stadium, early 50's.

Eddie Nadeau & Barbara Heddle with baby Barbara Braun, 12-2-51.

Gerry Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's house.

Bobby & Yvonne Liedel.

Mary Ellen & Clara Braun.

Grandpa Edward Nadeau & Grandma Clara Nadeau at their anniversary party, 1958.

Barbara Braun holding baby Donna Heddle, 1957.

Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's house, December 1964.

Donna Heddle ready to take on any Harper Woods ruffians, 1958.

Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel. Left in Liedel's backyard, 1959. Right at Houghton Lake, 1960.

Left: Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel on Denise's new Stingray, 1965. Right: Jimmy Heddle, Denise Liedel & Donna Heddle in Sariee's backyard, 1961.

Front row: Donna & Jimmy Heddle, Denise Liedel. Back row: Gerry Nadeau, Kay Sariee, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Yvonne Liedel, Mary Jo Sariee. In Sariee's backyard, 1964.

Yvonne Liedel, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Gerry Nadeau & Kay Sariee (sitting) at Liedel's house, 1965.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Jimmy, Fred & Donna Heddle. Rochester, N.Y., 1961.

Jimmy Heddle, Karen & Keith Nadeau & Donna Heddle with Grandma Clara Nadeau, Fred Heddle & Eddie Nadeau in background. Naragansett Bay, 1961.

Left: Karen, Eddie & Keith Nadeau. Right: Grandma Clara Nadeau & Donna Heddle at Naragansett Bay, 1961.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Donna & Barbara Heddle at Sariee's house, 1965.

Kay, Mary Jo & Art Sariee with Grandma Clara Nadeau, Easter Sunday, 1965.

Donna Heddle and Art Sariee at Sariee's house, 1963.

Kevin Nadeau, Donna Heddle & Karen Nadeau at Heddle's house, 1967.

Barbara Heddle & Yvonne Liedel at Silver Lake, August, 1968.

Cousins Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel. Left at Silver Lake, August, 1968. Right at Liedel's house, 1966.