Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Power of This Blog

A little while ago I wrote a piece on this Blog called "Last Of The Black and White's." It lamented the fact that almost all of the old black & white TV shows that I grew up watching have been taken off the air. There was one show in particular, "The Name's The Same" that I expounded on after discovering that it had been removed from GSN's schedule recently. So
you can imagine how surprised I was when I happened to tune to that channel last night, and guess what's back on - THE NAME'S THE SAME!!!!!! Obviously someone at GSN read my blog, realized the error of their ways and promptly put the show back on the air. For the uninitiated, set your TiVo's and VCR's for 3am eastern time, (or if you're a night owl like me, watch it at that time). You won't have to watch long before you'll see a woman wearing one of those funny hats!


Blogger Scott Westerman said...

GSN is a little eratic in their programming. But for rare 60's television, it's the place to be.

1:39 PM  

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