Saturday, December 20, 2008

O, Canada

Gledhill residence, Benmiller, 1906-1977
Gledhill residence, Benmiller

Bill Ross, Jim Heddle, Donna Heddle, Eb Ross, Benmiller, 1973

Donna, Barbara, Fred and Jim Heddle, Benmiller, December 17, 1967

Donna Heddle (with toad in jar), Jim Heddle, Willa Gledhill - Benmiller, August, 1968

Ducks on the pond at Benmiller, 1962

Verne Gledhill and Fred Heddle at the dinner table, Benmiller, Ontario, June, 1976

Benmiller, Ontario, 1973: front row - Myrtle Heddle, Willa Gledhill, Barbara Heddle. middle row - Don McKay, Fred Heddle, Donna Heddle. back row - Verne Gledhill, Jim Heddle.

Donna and Jim Heddle at the beach in Goderich, 1965


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