Saturday, December 20, 2008

When his name was Jimmy

Farmer Jim
The future voice of Michigan Hockey

Jim & Fred Heddle, 1956

Jim Heddle, 1957

Jimmy the musician (yeah, right!)

Jim Heddle at 1200 Packard Street - February 19, 1957

Jim Heddle in the backyard at 1031 Morningside, 1956. Buildings and apple trees at the McPhee farm in background.

Jim & Barbara Heddle, November, 1954

Jim & Barbara Heddle, June 27, 1954

Jim Heddle, 1956

Jim Heddle, 1956

Jim & Fred Heddle at an Easter egg hunt on Miller Road, 1956

Jim Heddle taking a nap, 1964. Note his support for fellow Ann Arborite Neil Staebler in the Governor's race

Jim Heddle, Ann Arbor's #1 Packer-backer, 1962


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