Thursday, September 24, 2009

O, Canada - Part 3

Willa Nivins Gledhill, age 18 years
Andrew Heddle and Sarah Hart Heddle

The Heddle girls - Frankie, Margaret, Aggie, Bess, Belle & Molly

Willa Gledhill, Fred Heddle, Myrtle Heddle at Grandpa Heddle's house, about 1921

Willa Gledhill, Myrtle Heddle, Gertie Carter, Madge MacKay

Jim, Barbara & Fred Heddle - outside Benmiller Woolen Mill, 1973

Bill Ross, Myrtle Heddle, Fred Heddle, Willa Gledhill, Eb Ross, Verne Gledhill - 1973

Barbara Heddle, Verne Gledhill, Willa Gledhill - 1962

Fred Heddle, Willa Gledhill, Verne Gledhill - 1962

Willa & Verne Gledhill, 1962

Fred Heddle, Jim Heddle, Verne Gledhill - 1968

Front row-Donna Heddle, Willa Gledhill. Back row-Myrtle Heddle, Jim Heddle. August, 1968

Barbara Heddle, Myrtle Heddle, Willa Gledhill - 1968

Willa Gledhill with Paul & Peter Nivins - October, 1969


Blogger Steven Heddle said...

Hi Jim

Steven Heddle of Kirkwall, Orkney here. Your blog post came to my attention due to a Google Alert set up for my wife, Donna Heddle. I was interested in the Canada angle, as a number of my family emigrated to Canada at the start of the 20th century, as recorded with this picture of them:

Any relation?

3:01 AM  

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