Sunday, September 27, 2009

O, Canada - Part 4

Del Shoebridge, Willa Gledhill, Barbara Heddle
Willa Gledhill & Fred Heddle

Verne Gledhill, Willa Gledhill, Myrtle Heddle outside Benmiller Inn

Myrtle Heddle, Barbara Heddle, Willa Gledhill outside Benmiller Inn

Myrtle Heddle, Willa Gledhill, Fred Heddle, Verne Gledhill

Willa Gledhill's 90th birthday party, 1983

Donna Heddle, Willa Gledhill, Barbara Heddle, unknown - 1983

Willa Gledhill, age 90

Willa Gledhill & Barbara Heddle, December 28, 1979

Orel Carter, Willa Gledhill, Stu Carter at Willa's 90th birthday party, 1983

Fred Heddle, Bill Carter, Phil Carter & Stu Carter with Willa Gledhill at Willa's 90th birthday party, 1983

Willa Gledhill, November 1979

Benmiller Inn, 1975

Gledhill House

Barbara Heddle & Willa Gledhill overlooking the lake in Goderich, 1979

Willa Gledhill & Fred Heddle, December 28, 1979

Willa Gledhill & Del Shoebridge at Willa's 87th birthday party in Grand Bend - 9/8/80

Willa & Verne Gledhill, August, 1975


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