Monday, December 27, 2004

Forgotten Gold #1!

On this week's From The Vault program, we present one of our "Forgotten Gold" Shows. In fact, this was the very first show of the series, originally airing on WAAM on January 6, 1996. The program includes a rare hit for the songwriting duo The Addrisi Brothers, a hard-to-find Simon & Garfunkel tune from 1966, one of the last hits from Chicago's New Colony 6 (and one of their best), and a song by a group who named themselves after the city of Ann Arbor! Listen at

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Don't miss our Christmas Show!

This week on my internet radio program we are airing our annual Christmas show. It features our favorite rock & roll Christmas songs - we started doing this show way back in 1980 on WAAM in Ann Arbor and then continued to air it yearly in Grand Rapids starting in 1985, up through the early 90s. Some of the artists we feature include Bob Seger, Gary Glitter, George Thorogood, the Royal Guardsmen, the Kinks and James Brown.
I'd like to make special mention of the last song we play, which is my all-time favorite Christmas record - Jingle Jangle by the Rockfield Chorale from 1975. A guy named Greg Shaw is the one responsible for bringing this song to my attention, and sadly Greg passed away earlier this year at the age of 55. Back in the early 70s when roots-rock music was considered passe, Greg kept interest in it alive through his fanzine, Who Put The Bomp and with his Bomp record label. He tirelessly promoted the careers of bands he believed in, and he is largely responsible for the revival in interest for such musical styles as garage rock and power pop beginning in the late 70s. Greg absolutely loved the Rockfield Chorale record, and at one time he was quoted as saying that he planned to promote the song every year at Christmas until it became a hit. The song has been a hit in my book for 20 years, and each year we will continue to play it last on our Christmas show in honor of Greg.
You can hear the show this week at

Monday, December 13, 2004

From the Vault - Show #2!

Our second "From The Vault" show is on the air this week and it's all about forgotten follow-ups. Included is Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poney's follow-up to "Different Drum," Robert Parker's follow-up to "Barefootin'" and even Richard & the Young Lions follow-up to "Open Up Your Door"! Plus lots more surprises. You can find the show at

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

From The Vault is on the air!

Everyone is invited to listen to my new internet radio show, "From The Vault" beginning this Monday. To find the show, go to Here's when it will be on:

Monday, December 6 at 11 am on the local music channel.
Tuesday, December 7 at 7pm on the Cornucopia channel.
Thursday, December 9 at 7pm on the local music channel.
Friday, December 10 at 11am on the Cornucopia channel.
All times are EASTERN

This week's show will include some long-forgotten Detroit rock & roll, a few fun songs you MIGHT remember that were done by Canadian artists in the early 70s, plus records that were done by some legendary 60s Detroit dee-jays!