Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Nadeau Family Photo Album

Front row, L to R: Mary Eichner, Grandma Regan, Aunt Kate, Granny. Second row, L to R: Aunt Nell McCulloch, Irene Gratop, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Emma Hearsnep. Taken at Parker Villa farm.

Raymond Nadeau, August, 1909 - age 11 months.

Mary Thompson & Grandma Clara Nadeau with Jip the dog. Picture taken at 4411 Iroquois, Detroit.

Art, Mary Jo & Kay Sariee, 1943.

Are Sariee at home, Easter Sunday, 1959.

Barbara Heddle at King-Seeley Company in Ann Arbor, early 1950s.

Barbara Nadeau (Heddle), high school graduation.

Michael Sariee.

Michael Sariee.

Michael Sariee, age 18, 1965.

Mary Jo & Michael Sariee in front of their house on Rosemont Street in Detroit.

Bobby Liedel. Left-graduation, 1968. Right-1956, 6 years old.

Little Mel, Yvonne & Bobby Liedel.

Bobby & Mel Liedel with Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel in background.

Barbara Heddle, Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel with Bobby & Little Mel Liedel.

Patsy Nadeau.

Patsy Nadeau, 1961.

Little Mel Liedel, 1956 - 9 years old.

Mary Ellen Braun, 1960.

Barbara Braun - 1960, 1962, 1964.

Barbara Heddle with Barbara Braun.

Yvonne , little Mel & Bobby Liedel, Mary Jo & Michael Sariee.

Patsy Nadeau, unknown, Michael & Mary Jo Sariee.

Gerry & Patsy Nadeau, Kay, Michael & Mary Jo Sariee, Yvonne & Bobby Liedel.

Eddie & Gloria Nadeau with Jimmy Heddle at Heddle's house, 1957.

Kay Sariee, Grandma Clara Nadeau & Barbara Heddle at Sariee's house.

Donna & Barbara Heddle, little Mel, Yvonne & Denise Liedel at Liedel's house, 1959.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Gerry Nadeau, Clara Braun (with baby), Kay Sariee.

Barbara Heddle, Mel & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's apartment on East Stadium, early 50's.

Eddie Nadeau & Barbara Heddle with baby Barbara Braun, 12-2-51.

Gerry Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's house.

Bobby & Yvonne Liedel.

Mary Ellen & Clara Braun.

Grandpa Edward Nadeau & Grandma Clara Nadeau at their anniversary party, 1958.

Barbara Braun holding baby Donna Heddle, 1957.

Grandma Clara Nadeau & Yvonne Liedel at Heddle's house, December 1964.

Donna Heddle ready to take on any Harper Woods ruffians, 1958.

Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel. Left in Liedel's backyard, 1959. Right at Houghton Lake, 1960.

Left: Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel on Denise's new Stingray, 1965. Right: Jimmy Heddle, Denise Liedel & Donna Heddle in Sariee's backyard, 1961.

Front row: Donna & Jimmy Heddle, Denise Liedel. Back row: Gerry Nadeau, Kay Sariee, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Yvonne Liedel, Mary Jo Sariee. In Sariee's backyard, 1964.

Yvonne Liedel, Grandma Clara Nadeau, Gerry Nadeau & Kay Sariee (sitting) at Liedel's house, 1965.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Jimmy, Fred & Donna Heddle. Rochester, N.Y., 1961.

Jimmy Heddle, Karen & Keith Nadeau & Donna Heddle with Grandma Clara Nadeau, Fred Heddle & Eddie Nadeau in background. Naragansett Bay, 1961.

Left: Karen, Eddie & Keith Nadeau. Right: Grandma Clara Nadeau & Donna Heddle at Naragansett Bay, 1961.

Grandma Clara Nadeau, Donna & Barbara Heddle at Sariee's house, 1965.

Kay, Mary Jo & Art Sariee with Grandma Clara Nadeau, Easter Sunday, 1965.

Donna Heddle and Art Sariee at Sariee's house, 1963.

Kevin Nadeau, Donna Heddle & Karen Nadeau at Heddle's house, 1967.

Barbara Heddle & Yvonne Liedel at Silver Lake, August, 1968.

Cousins Donna Heddle & Denise Liedel. Left at Silver Lake, August, 1968. Right at Liedel's house, 1966.